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CXC Junior and Youth Cup Event

Event Information:

Welcome to Duluth and Spirit Mountain Nordic Center, the host site for the Junior and Youth Cup on December 9th and 10th.  The Spirit Mountain Nordic Center is located at the base of Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN.  The club host of the Duluth CXC Cup is the Duluth Nordic Ski Club (DXC).   We are excited to welcome clubs and athletes from the Midwest and Great Lakes.

Thanks to all for a great day of racing! 

Race Headquarters and Race Location:

Race headquarters will be located in the Grand Avenue Chalet; 8551 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN

Hours of the race headquarters: Friday - Sunday 8AM - 4PM daily

All races are held at Spirit Mountain Nordic Center: 8551 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN

Sunday, December 10th:

Bib pick up open at 7:30PM

Male U18/U20/U23/Seniors  - Classic Individual Start - 7.5km

Female U18/U20/U23/Seniors  - Classic Individual Start - 7.5km

Male U16 - Classic Individual Start - 5km

Female U16 - Classic Individual Start - 5km

All U14/U12/U10 - Classic Individual Start - 3km

Team Captains/ Coaches Meeting:

The team captains meeting will be by zoom. The link will be posted on Thursday. The meeting will be held in the chalet.

6:00pm Friday, December 8th 

6:00pm Saturday, December 9th

Bib Pickup:

Sunday 8:00AM to 3:00PM outside Grand Avenue Chalet.

More information on bib pick up, warm-up and racer access to trails will be posted soon. 

Wax Facility:

  • A designated wax area with power will be provided.  The wax area will be located adjacent to the ski trails.   

  • No waxing will be allowed inside the Grand Avenue Chalet. Teams should be prepared to supply their own pop up tent or service vehicle/trailer, irons, tables, forms and extension cords to accommodate their waxing needs.  Three, ten by ten tents are available for use and can be reserved for entire weekend. 

  • Power will be available starting on Thursday afternoon.   

  • Tents, trailers and service vehicles can be left in the wax area over night. A security guard will be onsite. 

  • Collegiate and Junior teams and self supported individuals please reserve a spot by Monday, December 6th.  This will help us understand how much space we will need for the wax area.  Remaining space will be first come first serve basis.  Email:

Wax Policy:

Effective immediately we will enforce the following new FIS waxing Rules:


# 325.2.4- During the sprint finals (1/4 to final) no waxing of skis allowed. For exceptions see 343.12.7


# 343.12.7- Waxing, structuring or cleaning of the competitor’s skis bases during the competition is forbidden with the following exception: in classical distance competitions, competitors may scrape their skis to remove snow and ice, and add kick wax. They must make these adjustments without assistance from other persons and without interfering with other competitors. During classic individual sprint competitions, adjustments of the kick zone may be made between the rounds by the competitor or authorized personnel within the designed Control Area. Any adjustment of the glide zones is not allowed. [adjustments are defined as brushing or removing or adding any substances] It is not allowed to place branches, tools or materials on or adjacent to the groomed course.

Ski exchange during the heats is not allowed.


US Ski and Snowboard has determined that for this season Regions may establish their our own protocol for implementation of these rules. Central will have no corrals for controlling skis during the sprint heats. Athletes and coaches will follow normal corridors and movement as set out by the organizers. The Central Region implementation will be based on the honor system while still allowing for potential sanctions using the FIS rule regarding following the direction of the Jury or following FIS rules.


All US sanctioned races will proceed with the current ban on any waxes containing fluor.


The Central Equipment Control committee recognizes the possible need to adjust the post-Christmas policy to accommodate this evolving process.

Spectators and Parking:

The Spirit Mountain Nordic Center and Grand Avenue Chalet offers great viewing of the race course and stadium.  The current parking available at the Spirit Mountain Nordic Center is about 100 cars.  Limited parking is available across the street from the Spirit Mountain Nordic Center.  No parking is allowed on Grand Avenue.  Parking is also available on the streets of Grand Avenue; 83rd, 84th and 85th Avenue West.  Be cool and ride the bus, Route 2.  Please plan on parking being tight and share a ride if possible. 


The Grand Avenue Chalet is handicapped accessible and will be open all day. Restaurant will open at 11AM. Restrooms available inside the chalet and multiple porto potties outside. 

Please no dogs at race venue or in spectator areas.


Area Lodging Information:

If you are planning to stay in Duluth broaden your search to Hermantown, Proctor, Cloquet and Superior, WI.  There are a number of new hotels in Hermantown or as we call it “up on the hill”.  Drive time from most hotels to race start is under 10 minutes.  


Race Organization/Competition Committee & Technical Delegate:

OC Chair - Siiri Morse -

Chief of Competition - Gary Larson -

TD - Scott Wilson

Chief of Timing - Dave Johnson

Chief of Course - Henry Campbell

Chief of Control -  Jeane Fleck

Chief of Stadium -  Ben Bauer

Communications/Media - Jordan Woods

Medical Coordinator: Dr. David Hutchinson

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