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Snow is Coming here in Duluth...

With the temperatures getting cooler here in the Northland, Spirit Mountain (the generous host of the Duluth Super Tour) has started the process of making snow for our upcoming event! Temperatures dropped into the mid 20's Saturday evening and with that came a gentle snowfall of around 2". Mother Nature is not projected to cooperate over the next few days, however, as a small warmup is in store for the middle of this week.

Snow guns blowing the good stuff (photo by Larry Mishkar)

The dedicated Duluth Snowmakers will keep their eyes on temperatures and other factors leading up to race weekend. All snowmaking efforts are focused on the Duluth Super Tour, and we are super excited to see the outcome!

Keep checking back on this page for updates on snowmaking and other race activities. We are STOKED to have such an awesome event here in northern Minnesota! See ya soon!

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